MW Leatherwork is trading business of Minta Winn, one of the foremost equestrians in the world specialising in the carriage driving disciplines of traditional Private driving and FEI Driving. Minta is also a leading trainer and instructor of carriage driving as well as being the President of the Tandem Club of Great Britain. Minta has numerous wins, accolades and achievements under her belt including winning at the coveted  Horse of the Year show and International Driving Trials. Minta is also a much respected carriage driving judge having judged in both the United Kingdom and  United States of America.

Mintas path to stardom started early and soon recognised the need for quality harness and leatherwork. She started harness making at the grand old age of 15 with her late father setting up a family business in Ireland.  "It all started 1964 Witney show Oxfordshire, pony Tom Thumb, driven by my brother jasper Winn lead by my mother and my father is the passenger in the next door turnout!" states Minta "Aultagh Woods was my first driving pony competing at Dunmanway show Ireland 1976 , the set of harness that he has was the reason that Winnsons started as we couldn't get harness and this set had started out asan old set that was revamped in England, dad was sure we could make harness ourselves and when John O'Connel came on the scene, we all got together and started Winnsons Harness Makers, in Ireland!"

In addition to her carriage driving knowledge, Minta is also a celebrated author having written a number of articles and books on carriage driving.

With nearly 50 years experience with horses, Minta has developed a close understanding of the equine world including the need for quality leatherwork and harness. This passion for detail has furnished her with the skills for making the finest leatherwork including understanding the technical demands on the material, its durability, performance, tailoring and aftercare. It is with this passion that Minta is thrilled to be developing her business into personal effects including fashion and giftware.